My Daily Motivations

Good morning folks!

Just want the world to know bahwa saya ingin terus berusaha menjadi pribadi yang healthy inside, healthy outside. Tak hanya sehat secara fisik, tapi juga hati dan pikiran harus sehat.

I have to say thank you to Diana Rikasari yang sangat menginspirasi saya untuk menulis post ini. Ini adalah daily motivations yang sederhana, fun, sangat mungkin untuk dipraktekkan dan memiliki dampak yang besar bagi hidup saya. Isinya pun sudah saya sesuaikan dengan kebutuhan saya … hehe thanks Diana! 

My daily motivations:

  1. Share my daily achievement with Iting no matter how small or insignificant..
  2. Come home early so that I still have time to chat with mom and dad.
  3. Eat healthy food and dress up nicely so I look good in my Instagram and blog photos 😀
  4. Pray and stay close to God so that I know my life has a purpose and I never feel lost.
  5. Always be nice to other people because every good deed brings goodness to my own life.
  6. Regularly blog because it helps me keep track of my own life and its progress.
  7. Stay away from the wrong track because I might just die tomorrow and not have time to fix things.
  8. Always forgive because forgiving people stay young and happy.



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