I have to sleep but…

You know this feeling when you have to wake up the next day in the early morning to start your first day at Ramadan, while you still didn’t programmed your self for the new timing!

It was almost 1 Am when I entered my room, preparing my self to sleep early *lol* in order to wake up early!

I turned on the TV and logged into the Internet before sleeping.. As I was not feeling sleepy at all! 15 minutes later I decided to sleep and force my self to do so.

I switched off everything in the room (laptop,TV,Lights) as I was so worried not skip my work the next day! 20 minutes later between trying to sleep and checking the time every 5 minutes. I decided to log on again! I felt deplorably bad and alerted, why the hell I am not able to sleep? Ohh god it was 2 AM what’s up with me!!! I have to sleep I have to sleep I have to sleep, I kept repeating those words! again I turned everything off. I also started counting the sheep! I remembered once at my childhood, my aunt told me if you are not able to sleep, close your eyes and imagine a flock of sheep jumping over a fence while counting the number that do so. it just like something that tire the eyes which also simulate rapid eye movement.

While I was counting the sheep, I felt my eyes blinking whenever a sheep jumps.. it wasn’t funny at all! The time was passing and didn’t know what to do.. shall I stay awake until sahur? am I going to function well without sleeping!!! by the way what’s the longest time you’ve gone without sleep?




Falling In Love With Pinterest

I love Pinterest because… it inspires me!

I recently stumbled onto Pinterest and have fallen in love with it.  As a writer and student, I’m always searching for inspiration to help spark an idea or lead me down a creative path.

On some days, I will need a pick-me-up, something stunning that takes my breath away or super cute that makes me smile – Pinterest has lots of those endearing images which I’ve added to my boards.  Yes, I have more than one board. It’s a great collage of my moods, dreams, and a glimpse of my personality.

I will often pick an image or two from one of my boards to share on FB or Twitter to help enliven moods all over the world.

Here’s my Pinterest page >  http://pinterest.com/buncbuncis/boards/



A Happy, Hectic Day

My day was a busy one, not so surprisingly. hahaha … So far today is a happy, hectic day for us here! I mean it is amazing..lol. Dari hari minggu kemarin sibuk banget liputan bareng Trans 7 untuk program Jam Malam (Ssstss…jangan lupa nonton ya, kurang lebih dua minggu lagi nyh tayang…hihihi). Liputannya bareng anak-anak Inline Skate Semarang. Fyuuuh…capeknya banget banget lah. Walaupun syutingnya siang dan malam dan ada jeda waktunya walau cuma sebentar, tapi berhubung pas puasa ya jadi rada lemes aja gitu ya. Udah siang-siang panas dan ngantuk, malemnya syuting sampai pagi. Bener-bener sampai pagi, apalagi pas hari terakhir malah kelar jam 4 pagi!!!
Tapi walaupun gitu kita syh tetep dibawa fun aja berhubung rame-rame. Pengen syh crita panjang lebar soal detail kegiatannya, tapi kok males banget ngetik panjang-panjang… uups!
Ini nyh sekilas dokumentasi tentang kegiatan syuting kemarin. This Photos taken by @ovoval, berhubung saya bener-bener gag sempet dan keburu capek buat foto-foto. 🙂
Segmen terakhir syuting di Gedung Marabunta

Segmen terakhir syuting di Gedung Marabunta



Show time!

Show time!

My day may be hectic. My schedule may be tight. But I would never let the day end without saying good night. : *

When my parents fight …

I’m so sad cuz my parents fight …. 😦

Okai..it’s normal for parents to disagree and argue from time to time. Parents might disagree about money, home chores, or how to spend time. They might disagree about big things — like important decisions they need to make for the family. They might even disagree about little things that don’t seem important at all — like what’s for dinner or what time someone gets home.

Sometimes parents can disagree with each other and still manage to talk about it in a calm way, where both people get a chance to listen and to talk. But many times when parents disagree, they argue. An argument is a fight using words. Even arguments that use silence make me feel sad and upset— like when parents act angry and don’t talk to each other at all — can be upsetting for me!.

When the people in your family are fighting, it’s hard to figure out what to do. You may be feeling sad, ashamed, or even angry when it happens. Whatever your feelings are, what you probably want most is for the fighting to stop!.

It’s natural for people who live together and spend a lot of time with each other to sometimes disagree and lose their tempers. Just think of the last time me and my brother got into a fight. You didn’t really mean all those things you said, did you? In the end, you probably made up. The same goes for parents.

So…What to Do When Parents Fight?

There are reasons behind all the fighting. It’s so complicated so i wont go into it. I’m not pretty sure, but I think the best thing to do is to stay out of the argument and go somewhere else in the house to get away from the fighting or arguing. So I go to my room, close the door, find something else to do until it is over. It’s not the kid’s job to be a referee…rite?.

My other social media accounts

Hey loves, I’ve created a second blog for myself.

I created this blog just to share with you guys something that I think it’s beautiful or meaningful.

I will update more often on my Tumblr (username: @NcisLuscious), Twitter (username: @NcisLuscious), Path (username: @bunc_buncis) and Instagram ( username: bunc_buncis), so follow me to know wat I’m up to k!

till then….


Ramadhan is Coming !!!

Halo everyone, a short update before I sleep again. Ramadhan 2013 is coming very soon. May this holy month bring you happiness, strengthen your Imaan, erase your sins and purify your heart ~

Pour tous pratiquants musulmans, ce mois sacré de Ramadan est l’occasion de se purifier de tous genres de péchés défendus, c’est aussi l’occasion de s’approcher du salut divin, et notre grand Allah, le bon Dieu. Ce mois de Ramadan nous fait méditer sur le sujet de la faim, et comment des milliers de gens, et surtout des centaines de musulmans qui meurent de faim chaque année, et ce, doit en toute humilité attirer notre attention.  Tous les musulmans doivent se poser de sérieuses questions sur le gaspillage et prendre conscience de la gravité de la pauvreté et les conséquences qui s’en suivent, dont la faim.

Afin d’eveilleles fidèles pour le sahur, l’appel à la prière retentit des mosquées de quartier. En outre, des groupes de jeunes garçons se promènent dans les quartiers, battant sur des tambours et des bruiteurs pour éveiller les fidèles (et leurs voisins) en criant “sahur, sahur”. 

Le changement d’horaires a un effet sur les affaires. Les restaurants et établissements de loisirs réduisent leurs horaires d’ouverture ou voilent leurs fenêtres de rideaux noirs pendant la journée. Les déjeuners d’affaires ont été remplacés par des repas de buka puasa (rupture de jeûne ou iftar). Le iftar en indonesie se dit : Buka Puasa ! Ceci est habituellement fait avec une boisson très douce et des collations sucrées. Mais auparavant, tous doivent souffrir dans les embouteillages records qui encombrent les rues au moment, juste avant le coucher du soleil, où chacun se presse de rentrer chez soi pour rompre le jeûne avec la famille.

O Allah, on this day make my fasts the fasts of those who fast (sincerely), and my standing up in prayer of those who stand up in prayer (obediently), awaken me in it from the sleep of the heedless, and forgive me my sins , O God of the worlds, and forgive me, O one who forgives the sinners.

.Happy fasting to all moslem around the world ❤

V3 OPEN 2013

Today feels like a good day to begin again. The last few months have been rough, both physically and mentally. My body managed to heal itself and left me with the rest to work through.

Hey ! A few days without you and I already miss you ! I spent the last weekend in Jakarta for national inline skate competition! It was such a great weekend, Jakarta is really amazing ! It’s a big city and yet, so much beautiful things to see except the traffic jam ! And these are my last pictures …

Just arrived from Semarang by car…fyuuuh

My beloved team..tapi g komplit berhubung yang junior pada lari entah kemana. :p

My beloved team..tapi g komplit berhubung yang junior pada lari entah kemana. :p

Kontingen dari seluruh Indonesia lagi diliput sama @kompasTV ...LIVE!

Kontingen dari seluruh Indonesia lagi diliput sama @kompasTV …LIVE!

Hey..Look at us!

Hey..Look at us!



@alwaysrembes_ and his trick

@alwaysrembes_ and his trick

At Gelora Bung Karno, Jakarta

At Gelora Bung Karno, Jakarta

Dhunu, @IlhamSquareface, and @alwaysrembes_

Dhunu, @IlhamSquareface, and @alwaysrembes_

@ovoval, Dhunu, and @alwaysrembes_

@ovoval, Dhunu, and @alwaysrembes_

Bon courage!

Bon courage!

OMG..I cannot believe I have won 2 categories! the 3rd freestyle slide senior women and the 3rd skate cross senior women. XDD

the winner 🙂

Thank you to EVERYONE who teachs and shares – it means SO much to me. 😀