Hey Hey! I’m still alive! *cheering*

So sorry for the lack of updates. I have been so busy with my final project. Honestly i can never settle down and study. I always look for things to do when I’m studying for example:


I will check my Facebook and twitter accounts 100 times only when I’m studying.

I always feel hungry when I’m looking at my books, this is the only time I tell myself I NEED supper!

I can easily fall asleep when I’m studying on my study table. -____-

& …

I feel the need to catch up on unimportant news.

I tend to find a lot of unnecessary things to do when it comes the time to study.

What can I do ?! I’m lazy =(

I think it’s time for me to finish my final project, the deadline is next month!! See, I’m using my study time to update my blog… How la!?!?

I will be back to my blogging business once I’m done with everything. Have a nice day, peeps!