I have to sleep but…

You know this feeling when you have to wake up the next day in the early morning to start your first day at Ramadan, while you still didn’t programmed your self for the new timing!

It was almost 1 Am when I entered my room, preparing my self to sleep early *lol* in order to wake up early!

I turned on the TV and logged into the Internet before sleeping.. As I was not feeling sleepy at all! 15 minutes later I decided to sleep and force my self to do so.

I switched off everything in the room (laptop,TV,Lights) as I was so worried not skip my work the next day! 20 minutes later between trying to sleep and checking the time every 5 minutes. I decided to log on again! I felt deplorably bad and alerted, why the hell I am not able to sleep? Ohh god it was 2 AM what’s up with me!!! I have to sleep I have to sleep I have to sleep, I kept repeating those words! again I turned everything off. I also started counting the sheep! I remembered once at my childhood, my aunt told me if you are not able to sleep, close your eyes and imagine a flock of sheep jumping over a fence while counting the number that do so. it just like something that tire the eyes which also simulate rapid eye movement.

While I was counting the sheep, I felt my eyes blinking whenever a sheep jumps.. it wasn’t funny at all! The time was passing and didn’t know what to do.. shall I stay awake until sahur? am I going to function well without sleeping!!! by the way what’s the longest time you’ve gone without sleep?





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