Technology Ruin Lives


Saya besar dalam perkembangan teknologi yang demikian pesat. Teknologi, dengan berat hati harus saya katakan bahwa hal itu telah membuat manusia malas dan bodoh ketika berpikir itu membuat kita lebih pintar. I fear for the younger generations who will only know social media and texting stuff like it has been around forever. Saya takut bahwa saya akan segera lupa bagaimana menulis dengan benar: menggunakan kalimat penuh dengan makna kata-kata yang sebenarnya, bukan singkatan, akronim dan emotikon. However, it seems that abbreviations and acronyms are fast becoming actual words. The Oxford English Dictionary added OMG, FYI and LOL to the dictionary this year. This makes me sick to my stomach. What’s worse? I find myself doing all of these things I hate and it makes me want to scream sometimes.

Suatu malam saya berkumpul dengan teman-teman sekedar ngobrol santai ngalor ngidul dan  berbicara tentang teknologi, media sosial dan SMS, dll. Masing-masing dari kami ada di Facebook dan Twitter. But the point is we are all a part of the massive machine!. Kita semua pasti melakukan sms. Kita semua menggunakan emotikon. In fact, most people can have a whole conversation with only emoticons, which again makes me sick.  Again I am as guilty as anyone. I love to use Facebook, I love to text and I love twitter and it kills me. I was the last of my friends to get on Facebook and get a texting phone and as much as it pains me to say it, I love it. It’s great. Why you ask? Because you don’t have to talk to anybody. There doesn’t need to be long catch up conversations because you know exactly what they are doing each day because many people post their status updates. If not of Facebook, then on Gchat (Google chat), BBM (blackberry messenger), AIM (AOL Instant Messenger), Twitter, Four Square and I am sure 50 other possibilities.

Hal lain yang bikin gemes adalah orang yang demen banget nulis LOL. However, when one does laugh, even if it is out loud as the acronym says, you don’t say LOLOLOLOL, you say HAHAHAHA so why not write HAHA!? It’s a very simple thing and even correct as the sound goes at least for now before we get de-generated as a race to laughing the sound LOLOLOLOL.

Facebook in general…How many times do you get tagged in a picture or something you don’t want to be tagged in and get annoyed and quickly try to de-tag yourself but if you don’t check often enough then everyone else will see it or some variation of something like that.

Pretty soon, everything in our world is going to be dictated by 140 characters (or whatever the limit is) or less. Anyway, only time will tell but I think we should all make an effort to verbally communicate with others because it is sadly becoming a lost art.

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