Surround Myself with Positive People.. Yes That’s What Exactly What I Want To!


gb 1Judul yang saya buat adalah gambaran salah satu prinsip hidup saya. Mungkin sebagian dari Anda, Kamu, Mereka juga mempunyai pandangan yang sama seperti saya. Bukan berarti saya pilih kasih dalam berteman, tapi sebisa mungkin saya berhubungan dengan orang yang bisa memberi pengaruh positif bagi saya dari aspek tertentu. Karena saya yakin tidak semua orang ‘baik dalam segala hal.

Malas sekali saya jika sudah berhadapan dengan orang-orang berpikiran sempit dan menjatuhkan mental. It means, they believe you are going to fail. They are screaming ‘you don’t got it’.

Nah orang-orang ini yang akan saya hindari jauh-jauh. It’s hard to keep my head up while I was crushed but barely I could see, that I’m really a special person! I mean, everyone in this world is special, right?why am I not?. It’s really frustrated when people don’t think what ‘I’ think matter more than what they think. It’s not their life, it’s mine. Everyone wants to feel needed but this is way out of boundary. Right? . 

It’s hard sometimes to ignore the negativity, but I’m glad i know that i am special, smart, funny, creative, adventurous and very cool :). LOL

When life gives you lemons you make the best of it! Yes, that is true. So I listened what “I” had to say first. And it’s utterly fascinating! I thought I was listening myself pretty well but apparently not good enough.It was hard to keep remind myself positive things, but I have all these great friends who helped me remind myself!

Yes, I am a good person, I love to laugh, I care about people, I am creative and in general, I’m awesome! I don’t want to be obnoxious but we all know how self confidence is important in this situation. They are not going to live my life for me. They are not going to make me a millionaire or make me a pop star or something. Just, it’s a blockage. I’m so glad i’m smart and independent and, strong enough to write this post to the world.


@NcisLuscious – “Believe your potential. Don’t ever, ever question that. Remember. YOU matters. It is your life”.

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