SOTO: The National Soup


Tasting the Indonesian food is so much fun. Indonesia is not only rich for its tradition, tribes, and cultures, but it also rich in culinary. This time we will talk about cuisine that famous from East Java but well known all over Indonesia, Soto.

From the taste, the color, and the ingredient, soto is believed not originally an Indonesian food. The historians suggest it was influenced by foreign culinary tradition. It is a mixture of Chinese, Indian, and native Indonesian cuisine. But this delicious food has known for years and developed in so many varians.

Basically soto is mainly composed of broth, meat, and vegetables. But there are some addition dish such as stewed quail eggs or chicken eegs, fried chicken giblets, shredded fried chicken, crisp fried potato, fried tempeh, hot chili sauce, topped with fried shallot. You may complete the flavor wit a slice of lemon squeeze and sweet soy sauce.

Soto usually named based on their chief ingredients or the origin town which developed their regional version of soto and here is some famous soto which well known all over Indonesia:

Soto Ayam is chicken soto in yellow broth, usually served with lontong or rice and completed wit rice vermicelli. The easiest and most common soto served in stall, restaurant.

Soto Babat is a cow’s or goat’s tripe, cooked in a yellow spicy coconut milk broth, served with rice, vermicelli, potato, and vegetables.

Soto Kikil known as Soto Betawi, is made of beef tendon or cartilage cooked in whitish cow milk or coconut milk broth. Easily found in Jakarta and usually served with rice, vermicelli, potato, vegetables, and krupuk (crackers).

Coto Makassar is beef and offal soto boiled in water used to wash rice, served with fried peanut. The appearance may not so nice, but some people love it so much.

Soto Babi is pork soto, cubes sliced pork cooked in a very tasty pork broth, simply serve with rice and celery and fried shallot for great flavor. It is easily find in Bali.

Soto is omnipresent in Indonesia and considered as comfort food. It is available in many open-air eateries, small stall in street corners, fine dining restaurants, and luxurious stars hotel. So do not miss the chance to taste it while your visit in Indonesia. Selamat makan!