Pahlawan Di Mataku

Today, I stumbled upon an article in The Jakarta Post from the year 2005. Jadul banget ya, sekarang aja udah tahun 2012. Hehe .. well, tapi berkat Koran ini jadi dapet inspirasi buat nulis. Apalagi beberapa hari yang lalu ada penghargaan untuk Bung Karno dan Bung Hatta sebagai pahlawan nasional. Rasanya sedikit terlambat ya baru diberi penghargaan sekarang. Mumpung masih anget, saya jadi ingin membahas tentang pahlawan. Hmm…Generally speaking, I believe a hero is simply someone who is willing to help others without asking for recognition. I also believe there are real-life heroes among us, but that we are often too busy to recognize them.

I once saw a street musician help a middle-aged woman who fell from a moving minivan. A vendor helped a friend of mine who fainted inside a train, and even found a car to take her home.

And a friend told me of her cousin who wanted to commit suicide, but changed her mind after hearing the song Heaven on the radio.

These people offered help not because they wanted recognition — how could the DJ know the song would help my friend’s cousin — but simply because they were at the right place at the right time.

So I think a hero is someone who never considers himself a hero, and perhaps does not even realize they have done a heroic deed. Most of the time, a hero is simply a stranger who gives you a genuine smile and brightens your day.

Who’s your modern-day hero? 😉


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