24 Hours a Day

Have you ever experienced this, at least for once in your lifetime?

You don’t feel like doing anything
Things that you love to do, suddenly are no longer appealing
… You change. You’ve become a stranger to yourself.

Then when you start to get back on your track
And get excited on things that you used to love and longed to do
Suddenly the world turns busy
And you don’t have time to touch those things

What a pity
Shouldn’t we all have time to do things that we love?

How do you divide 24 hours a day into work, read newspapers, read book(s), write (anything), meet friends, watch movies, go to theater play, etc etc.. yet still able to help others and do your own so called social responsibility?? (it’s known as Corporate Social Responsibility in business term, but I call it as Personal Social Responsibility)
Sometimes I feel 24 hours a day are not enough.
What do you think?

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