Everybody has his or her own visions of the future. We have many kinds of visions, which are different from one to another,but they all have one destination= better future life.

I do I wish that some day, five years from now, Iwill be a better person in every part of my life; in every position that I have: as a wife for my husband, a child of my parents, a member of my society, acitizen of my nation and most of all; as a servant of the owner of the universe, God Almighty.

In the next five years ( Insya Allah), I will settle down of my self on an honorable position: as a wife and also as amother. This position will lead me to becoming a highly responsible person. As a wife and a mother, I have a responsibility to raise my children with Islamic ways, teach and lead them in order to form strong personality based on Al-Qur’an and sunnatullah so that they’ll bepowerful and skillful Islamic generation.

As a child, for the next ten years, I’ll find bothof my parents are getting older. I will take care of them as best as I can,present them happiness, though I know that whole things that I will have doneand the whole happiness that I’ll have given them can never repay even the smallest thing that they have given me.

As a contribution to the society and a nation onthe next ten years, I’ll dedicate my self for the humanity.

All visions above one steps to reach my greatest visions: to be a real Muslim. It is not five, eight, or ten- years vision, but it is my entire life vision.

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